Forensic Infidelity DNA Testing.

Send us your girlfriend or wife's panties, a used condom, panty liners or clothing and we'll provide you with conclusive proof that she's cheating.

She Cheated Infidelity DNA results are conclusive beyond any doubts.

Infidelity DNA Testing Procedures

She Cheated DNA tests are a superior Infidelity testing method. DNA is the most trusted infidelity analysis among the forensic science community. Other infidelity tests called semen screens are conducted by testing evidence for the presence of chemicals which can be found in male or female excretions. She Cheated offers men an affordable yet advanced DNA system to prove infidelity. A forensic DNA scientist will investigate your infidelity evidence samples for the presence of foreign DNA. The evidence submitted will be profiled. The DNA profile(s) obtained from the evidence will be compared to your DNA profile. Your infidelity results will be delivered by text, phone, email and US mail. You will receive an official forensic infidelity DNA report.

Advanced and Affordable

She Cheated employs only the most advanced infidelity testing method- DNA. She Cheated's forensic team has chosen to skip unnecessary semen screening testing and provide only DNA testing. By cutting out the screening step you save $100s. She Cheated tests are guaranteed to provide conclusive evidence of cheating. She Cheated offers two distinct infidelity DNA tests. An Advanced Infidelity DNA Comparison and a Standard Infidelity DNA Detection test. Both are equally valuable. Infidelity DNA Testing Explained.

Forensic Professionals

She Cheated Infidelity testing is an investigation into the origin of DNA that is left behind after sex. She Cheated infidelity tests are conducted in a laboratory by DNA scientists, not amateurs. SheCheated is a division of iTest DNA, Arizona's most recommended DNA testing company. Our laboratories are accredited and held to the highest industry standards of excellence. All infidelity DNA test results are reviewed by our scientific team with over 2 decades of combined experience in the genetics field.

Discrete Anonymous Confidential

She Cheated's infidelity guarantee ensures that your privacy is protected. Our process is designed to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Our infidelity test is designed to be collected at home and discretely shipped to our infidelity testing facilities in Phoenix Arizona. She Cheated also offers an option that allows you to obtain an anonymous infidelity DNA test.

What our client's say

Wyatt - Las Vegas NV I live in sin city. My girlfriend didn't seem like the cheating kind. You proved my girlfriend was cheating, and that it was with my best friend. Thanks for the proof. I'm not with her anymore, and now I hear she's cheating on him too.
Cameron - Portland OR I am a private investigator. I've been using home chemical tests for years. I tested a bed sheet and the test kit results were negative. My client insisted I test for DNA. SheCheated found DNA that didn't match my client. I only trust DNA lab results now.
Matt - Tucson AZ Thank you so much SheCheated. I was suspicious that my fiance' was cheating on me. I had even used one of those at home kits, but I kept getting different results. Your test proved my fiancé had cheated and I called off the wedding.
Jeff - Loveland CO I hired a private investigator. He followed my wife for three weeks and never gave me real proof. My wife was out late every weekend. I took a pair of her black lace panties. I sent it in, and you gave me proof that she wasn't cheating. Thanks for saving my marriage.

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